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We have the know-how you need.


Become a Certifed Leader

  • Digi Ministry

  • Social Justice Leadership

  • Faith-Based
    Non-Profit Leadership


  • Christian Futuring
    a new form of planning


  • Faith-BasedCommunity Development



Each Certificate can be transferred into a Faith-Based Degree Program.


Become a Certified Trainer

TAG Trainers are certified and authorized to offer Certificate Training Programs using TAG training materials in their communities by:

  1. Complete an Institute Certificate Program

  2.  Complete the TAG 
    Train-the-Trainer program


  3. Maintaining Annual Dues

  4. Complete Annual
    Continuing Education


  5. Issuing Training Certificates through TAG.


Become a Certified Consultant


We use Christian Futuring to develop scenarios for your organization's future and develop a trajectory to get there.

We work with Boards to understand their three roles:

  • Policy 

  • Funding

  • Evaluation 

We work with staff to explore new approaches to program delivery.